About Collin Karikari

Collin Karikari is in the 3rd year of his Bachelor in Business IT & Management at The Hague University in The Netherlands. During his 6 month internship at iRISEmedia, Collin will be focusing on researching and specializing on the use of LinkedIn as an effective business tool. He also aims to expand his experience and general knowledge on implementing and managing digital and social media marketing campaigns.
21 02, 2018

Get into the Game | Leverage the Use of LinkedIn for Your Business

February 21st, 2018|LinkedIn|

I assume that every business owner is active on LinkedIn. If not, let me provide you with some fresh insight on the platform. Many times, LinkedIn is simply used as a way to stay in touch with your old/current colleagues or business partners. Some would argue that other social media platforms offer the same possibility […]